Hogar Cotui - Web Development


  • Wordpress
  • Foundation
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • CSS Animation

Hogar de Ancianos en Cotuí RD

In January of 2015, I traveled with a group of five classmates and two faculty advisors to Cotuí, Dominican Republic. For eight days we worked with the The Hogar de Ancianos Club de Leones Inmaculada Concepción and Centro de Salud Club de Leones. We collected interviews, videos, and photographs to help us understand their organization and their web needs.

Upon returning to campus, the group began assembling the pieces of the videos and interviews to create the web structure. I was provided the wireframe mockups and web content from the other members of my group. Over two weeks, I developed a website within WordPress using the Zurb Foundation framework. I created two identical sites in English and Spanish to account for their audience.

The website was delivered to the client in March 2015.